Garlic bread with cheese
4,50 EUR  
Grilled tiger prawns with salad and toasted parma bread
8,50 EUR  
Chicken wings cooked in honey sauce
5,50 EUR  
Chips with brazil dip
3,50 EUR  
Selection of meats, cheese, pickles, tomato olives (for 2 pers.)
12,00 EUR  
Ceasar salad with chicken
7,50 EUR  
Ceasar salad with bakon
7,50 EUR  
Ceasar salad with tiger prawns
8,50 EUR  
Greek salad with feta cheese
6,00 EUR  
Homemade solanka soup with sour cream, olives and lemon
6,00 EUR  
Beef goulash soup with sour cream
7,00 EUR  
Wild mushroom cream soup with croutons
8,00 EUR  
Latvian style potato pancakes (servd with basil sauce)
7,00 EUR  
Potato pancakes with salmon and sour cream sauce
8,50 EUR  
Mr Jānis' sandwich with salmon (served with potato chips)
8,50 EUR  
XL 100% beef burger with cheese (served with potato chips)
10,50 EUR  
Spaghetti with ham strips in cream sauce (served with parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes)
9,50 EUR  
Panne pasta with vegetables in creamy soya sauce
9,00 EUR  
Tagliatelle pasta with seafood cocktail in caper sauce
10,50 EUR  
Venison ravioli in cream sauce
11,00 EUR  
Beef stake with grilled potatoes, vegetables and pepper sauce
19,50 EUR  
Pork medallions with potato gratini, demi-glace sauc and apple chutney
11,50 EUR  
Farmers pork chop with fried potatoes and sauerkraut
10,00 EUR  
Grilled chicken fillet with spicy rice, onion marmalade and cheese sauce
12,00 EUR  
Salmon steak (served with butter fried mini potatoes and cheese sauce)
18,00 EUR  
Apple tart with vanilla and ice-cream
5,50 EUR  
Ice-cream mix
5,00 EUR  
Cheese cake with chovolate sauce
6,50 EUR  
Strawberry soup with ice-cream
6,00 EUR  

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