Roasted nut selection
4,50 EUR   
Homemade potato chips with chili sauce
5,50 EUR   
Garlic bread with cheese sauce
5,50 EUR   
Deep fried calamari rings with chili sauce
6,50 EUR   
Fried tiger prawns on a stick
14,50 EUR   
Mara's beer plate for 2 pers. (Selection of meat, cheese, potato chips, garlic bread, calamari rings
9,50 EUR   
Ceasar salad with chicken
8,50 EUR   
Ceasar salad with bacon
8,50 EUR   
Ceasar salad with tiger prawns
12,50 EUR   
Greek salad
7,90 EUR   
Tomato-Mozzarella salad with basil pesto
6,90 EUR   
Garden salad (Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, paprika) 
5,50 EUR   
Homemade solanka soup with sour cream, olives and lemon
6,00 EUR   
Beef goulash soup with sour cream
7,00 EUR   
Wild mushroom cream soup with croutons
8,00 EUR   
Tomato cream soup with mozzarella, basil pesto & croutons
7,00 EUR   
BBQ ribs with baked potatoes and carrot chips
11,45 EUR   
Farmer's pork chop with fried potatoes and sauerkraut
10,90 EUR   
Stuffed chicken fillet with spinach, feta cheese & vegetable risotto
12,00 EUR   
Beef steak with baby potatoes, grilled vegetables & red wine sauce
23,90 EUR   
Duck leg confit with baby potatoes, caramelized onions & cranberry sauce
15,90 EUR   
Grilled salmon fillet with asparagus, garden salad & lemon-caper sauce (Salmon may contain  fish bones)
18,00 EUR   
Traditional Latvian potato pancakes with a sour cream
7,00 EUR   
Traditional Latvian potato pancakes with a sour cream & salmon
9,50 EUR   
Traditional Latvian potato pancakes with a sour cream & bacon
8,50 EUR   
Mara's beef burger with cheese & french fries
11,50 EUR   
Penne Pasta with salmon and seafood
14,50 EUR   
Apple tart with vanilla sauce
7,50 EUR   
Assortment of ice-cream
5,90 EUR   
Cheese cake with chocolate sauce
7,90 EUR   
Chocolate cake with ice-cream
6,90 EUR   

.:Last update 27.06.2017:.